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About Kellicia

My name is Kellicia Edwards, (Owner, Founder, and CEO) of KM Elite Credit Services. I experienced bad money habits that eventually lead to my having bad credit. My credit report consisted of everything from late payments, judgements, and charge-offs. I was young and uneducated when it came to finances and credit. It wasn't until I was in my late 20's when I realized just how important the two go hand in hand when I needed to finance a car after getting in a wreck.


My personal credit journey began after being approved at a buy here, pay here with a 14.90% interest rate. I was embarrassed by what they saw on my credit file and immediately took action. I was able to reduce my interest rate to 4.45%. I was able to save money and get approved for the credit I deserved from that point on due to a changed mindset, determination. and patience.

I know that there are others out there unsure of where to start when it comes to correcting your past mistakes and mindset. I became a Board Certified Credit Consultant and founded KM Elite Credit Services for this very reason. 


Let's work together at normalizing good credit with healthy money habits while

empowering one another in reaching our financial and credit goals the ELITE way!

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The Mission

" A person's credit report is one of the most important tools consumers can use to maintain their financial security and credit rating, but for so long many did not know how to obtain one, or what to do with the information it provided. "


Our mission at KM Elite Credit Services is to normalize healthy credit and finance habits in our community by providing our clients with the credit and budgeting tools that will assist them in maximizing and maintaining a healthy credit profile that allows them to gain access to leverage credit and achieve financial freedom.

-Kellicia M. Edwards

-Ruben Hinojosa

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